Recent Improvements
Boatbags have undergone significant improvements to ensure the bag is the best it can be. The new bags last longer, wear better and have optional additions that facilitate an easier and more seamless experience.


Longer life


The new generation of bags are a combination of  PVC and double layer PE and include a new floatation and stiffening conduit system, which encloses the stiffening conduits and reduces wear in the flotation collars by preventing lateral movement. Fully enclosed weights also reduce the risk of damage to the bag with less chance to shift from their place.




Manufacturing costs have been streamlined to keep prices as low as possible. Another option for keeping costs down includes using the new DIY installation guide to install the bag yourself.


New designs

With new refinements to models for motor boats with outboards, inboards and designs in testing for yachts with broad transoms, these bags have been thoughtfully redesigned to accommodate a variety of different vessels.


Supplementary equipment


Boatbags can now be outfitted with sunshades and roller kits if necessary in order to reduce the impact of a hot climate or bigger swell on your boat.


With redesigns increasing the longevity and effectiveness of the bag, the new generation is the best of boatbags.   

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