Hull Maintenance and Environmental Law


It is clear most antifouls which contain biocides and copper to stop growth are harmful to humans and the environment.


As a boat owner it is difficult to assess the impact of these chemicals and scrubbing your boat in the water - so we have done the work for you.


By using a boatbag you will do your bit to improve water quality and lessen the environmental impact of owning a boat.




1. By containing the antifoul in a small-enclosed area you will limit its release into the waterways.


2. You can reduce your use of antifoul by up to 100%. If you are an owner who scrubs the antifoul and causes it to spread in water you can stop that altogether and avoid a potential large fine. Our boatbag users fall into the following catagories


  • Brand new boats that have never been antifouled and never will be

  • Previously antifouled boat that will never be antifouled again

  • Boats that are antifouled and spend time away from their boatbags in different marinas and waterways for long periods of time. Even in these circumstances their boatbag can save them up to 66% of antifouling costs


Chlorine Use - EPA Letter of approval


Use of small quantities of chlorine on your boat or yacht, is as easy as placing slow release chlorine tablets (inside a tablet dispenser) into the Boatbag water.


The same dispenser and tablets should last up to a month depending on water temperature.


Chlorine components evaporate to the atmosphere and after a short period the only residual of the chlorine is salt. The toxic effects from anti-fouling paint is much more harmful, particularly where there are a number of boats stationed to together, such as within a marina complex.


We have done tests and written to the EPA discussing the effects of chlorine. The letter states “when used in a controlled fashion the parts per million of chlorine in the bag are acceptable to the EPA”.


We have guidelines and tips on how you can safely administer chlorine to get the right results and protect the environment. We will gladly provide these with your new bag because we too want to have healthier waterways to enjoy with you.