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Published : Monday, 21 December 2009

Boat bags can prevent fouling and barnacle growth. Boat bags that prevent fouling and barnacles growing on your hull have been around for a while, but have fallen out of favour because they tend to be unsightly, unwieldy, and can rub off a vessel’s bottom paint.

Now the people from Sydney's BoatSaver reckon they've got the answer with their next generation boat bags - in fact, they claim one BoatSaver boat bag can reduce maintenance costs.

"You can save up to 60 per cent of the money you would spend in cleaning and replacing anodes, propellers and driveshaft parts due to electrolysis," says BoatSaver managing director, Tony Clark. "It also saves on the need for boats to be lifted, cleaned and repainted, which can be very expensive."

So how does it work? With much ease, apparently.

To enter the bag, just pick up the centreline buoy at the back of the bag, power or winch your way in (the boat stays aligned via the centreline rope), pull up the rear, and tie off. Exiting is just as easy, we're told.

BoatSaver says its boat bags won't close when you leave your mooring or berth, can withstand wind and tide movement, and are made from UV resistant PVC.

The Aussie-made boat bags are designed for both powerboats and yachts, and BoatSaver will provide a personalised estimate on potential cost savings. Recommended retail price starts from $1950 for a 25ft bag, but remember boat bag use is subject to state waterway and EPA regulations.

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